COVID Mindset Survey: The stay-at-home experience provided a new way of being and many people are grateful

We are all in this together. The Corona virus has brought the idea of mutual interdependence to the center stage, as it can affect anyone regardless of culture, religion, nationality, and status. Since mid-March, the world has been in the state of lock-down, with social distancing rules put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. For a period of two months, only essential services were being provided, and public spaces such as parks, schools, and restaurants were closed. Currently, most of the population is still inside their homes, contemplating a new reality and the potential consequences of the gradual opening of the economy.

Since the new reality is unprecedented, it would be difficult to guess what people are thinking and feeling at this time. The COVID Mindset Survey was launched to find out, aiming to take a snapshot of the collective mindset during the lockdown. Designed as a self-reflective exercise, it allowed for open answers so that participants could freely express their experiences. 140 responses were collected from people between 15 and 77 years of age, mostly from Canada, as well as from the United States, Europe, including Italy, Germany, Denmark, and from the Middle East. The survey asked the following questions:

  1. ‘What do you consider to be essential to you at this time?’

2. ‘What do you feel you spent too much time or energy doing before the crisis? In what…



Milena Braticevic, PhD Integral Health

Milena’s work explores prevention-oriented methodologies for mental health, sustainability and wellbeing. www.nondualperspectives.com